About Us

NalangSewaSamaj is a registered non-profit and non-political charitable organization aiming to establish and implement sustainable education, health, modern farming and community development programs in the rural areas of Nepal. This organization is led by an energetic team of local people from Nalang village. Currently, the organization is working to rebuild schools and houses and restore drinking water supply systems destroyed by the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015.

How It Started?

The founder of Nalang Sewa Samaj, Saligram Aryal, is from Nalang village which is in the Dhading District of Nepal. Now who owns Trekking Company called Mountain World Treks in Kathmandu. In March of 2009, while visiting the local school, he noticed a young girl, about four years old, who was malnourished, wearing a torn, dirty dress and no shoes. He was saddened to hear her tragic story of being abandoned by her father after her mother died during another child birth. She was living with her grandparents who were quite elderly and impoverished. He immediately realized that he must do something for her. Although he was not wealthy, Saligram decided he would help with the educational expenses for this girl and four other children who were similarly disadvantaged. Eventually, Saligram was able to get a few sponsors to help support the education of several more children at the school. As his sponsors list grew, he was able to help more children and extend his aid to other areas of need in the village. He started a program to encourage farmers to institute more modern and efficient methods of agriculture. After the earthquake in April of 2015, Saligram, with a growing list of sponsors, was able to bring much needed supplies and building materials to the people in the village who were devastated by the earthquake. Subsequently, with more money for building materials being donated, he was able to repair the school and build a whole new building for classrooms as well.

Who We Are:

Our board is made up of enterprising and diligent individuals who are living or have lived in Nalang village of Dhading District. They are committed to bringing changes to better the lifestyle of the people of Nalang. Because they know the village and its people, they are well suited to recognize the needs and what kind of support the villagers can use. NalangSewaSamaj is not totally dependent on donations and help from others. Our team is interested in a better future for Nalang and its people by having them participate in give and take programs and teach and learn programs. We want the villagers to learn to improve their lifestyle by education and an awareness of the possibilities the future can hold for them.

What We do:

NalangSewaSamaj is a registered organization and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal. Presently, we are centering our attention on projects concerning Nalang village in Nepal. Domestic and international donors have generously funded many of the existing plans we have instituted in the village. We are currently trying to improve the infrastructures in health, education and farming sector in Nalang. Eventually, we would like to extend our help to other remote villages. As our organization grows, our goal is to bring a better lifestyle to those in other villages by providing sustainable systems, quality resources and new growth. We will continually monitor each project during and after completion. The team’s focus is to constantly and consistently support, fund, maintain and manage what it has created. We do not believe in walking away after the completion of a project. The major task and challenge is to bring the plan of action into smooth and effective operation and ensure that any potential problems (logistical, financial or otherwise) are well dealt with.

The remarkable aspect of this organization is that all the team members contribute their endless time, skills, labor, patience and knowledge to integrate our concepts of community development. Almost all of our board members are from the village of Nalang, where our work is based, thus creating an encouraging environment in which to work.

Mission and Objectives

NalangSewaSamaj’s mission is to achieve grassroots reforms in education, poverty, health and sanitation, modern farming, various youth clubs, vocational skills and training programs, so as to uplift the living conditions of the people of Nalang. Subsequently, we would like to reach the poor in other areas of Nepal through community development and local participation in all approved projects.