Children waiting for your help

NalangSewaSamaj strongly recommends a long term commitment from the sponsors to enable the child to finish High School and to possibly have the opportunity for further study either here in Nepal or abroad. We appreciate your generosity because we realize the importance of education in the physical, psychological and personal growth for any individual. NalangSewaSamaj is committed to making sure your donations directly benefit the children to ensure them a promising future. Our resolve lies in combating and reversing the misfortune that these innocent children have faced in their lives.




Roshan Pariyar

1) Roshan Pariyar: Roshan was born in June 21,2002. He is a student in class six. He comes from another lower caste family. His father has been suffering for a decade from a paralysis and for this reason has not been able to do his work as a master tailor. Being a tailor was the main profession of his family. Sudip is the youngest of six children and with his parents, there are eight in the household. He is an average student but he was chosen for the scholarship program which will hopefully make him better academically.



Bimal Tamang

2) Bimal Tamang: Bimal is a hard working student in class five. He comes from a poor family, whose father passed away a few years ago. His mother is a house wife with no specific source of income and is taking all the responsibilities for the family. As with many children living in the countryside, Bimal has to take care of siblings, help with housework and feed livestock, etc. Often it is hard to find the time and money to get an education. NSS found out about his poor family background and decided to help him with a scholarship.



Bipin Aryal

3) Bipin Aryal: Bipin was born on Feb. 8, 2006 into a poor farming family. He is in class five. Although he is an average student, he is disciplined and hard working. His father has traveled to India and elsewhere to find work to make more money, but recently he has not found worthwhile jobs and returned home. He does whatever he can to earn more income, usually helping a neighbor with farming. Bipin’s mother grows vegetables in season for the family. He has two older sisters who are also in school. Currently, Bipin is studying with the help of the NSS scholarship program.



4)Dhanu Shrestha: Dhanu was born October 9, 2002 and although older is also in class six. Being the eldest child in the family, she is often required to stay home to help her parents take care of her younger siblings. Her parents are also farmers trying to make a meager living from the land they have available to them. Often they do not produce enough food for their family to live on for a year. Because of the family’s poor income, Dhanu had to leave school when she was in grade five. After meeting with the parents, they have been convinced to let her come back to school now under the NSS Scholarship Program.


5) Susmita Tuladhar: Susmita is a student of class five. Currently, she is living with her mother’s parents (in her maternal uncle’s house). She comes from a poor family who do farming and occasional labor as well, but they don’t earn enough for the whole family. Sometimes they need to borrow money from a neighbor in order to pay for Susmita’s education. For this reason, she lives with grandparents so she can go to school. She is known to be a bright and disciplined student at school. We are happy to cover her academic expenses each year.


6) Bodhkumari Bishwakarma: Bodhkumari was born in 2006 into a large impoverished family. She is in grade four but she does not get much financial support for her studies from the family. Therefore she was not a regular student in the school until NSS helped her with a scholarship. Her family grows crops on a small piece of land which only produces enough vegetables to feed the family for about five months. The rest of the year her father goes to India to find jobs to pay the rest of the family’s expenses. When she can, her mother supplements the family income by being paid to help one of their neighbors.