Sponsored Children Details

Nalang Sewa Samaj strongly recommends a long term commitment from the sponsors to enable the child to finish High School and to possibly have the opportunity for further study either here in Nepal or abroad. We appreciate your generosity because we realize the importance of education in the physical, psychological and personal growth for any individual. Nalang Sewa Samaj is committed to making sure your donations directly benefit the children to ensure them a promising future. Our resolve lies in combating and reversing the misfortune that these innocent children have faced in their lives.


Here we feel happy to present some sponsored children’s detail with the name of their sponsor.

Paula Sothoron has sponsored these 5 kids.

Sponsored By: Paula Sothoron and Family,USA










Ritu Shrestha

1) Ritu Shrestha: Ritu was born July 7, 2006 and is a class six student. She is the third child of a poor family raising four children. They have a small piece of land they farm. However, her father has had to supplement the income by going to India to find further employment. Despite their low income, her parents started her education in the government school. Unfortunately, Ritu cannot be a regular at school, as she often has to stay home to help her mother with housework.



Bipana Tamu

2) Bipana Tamu: Bipana was born on August 19, 2007. She is at a class three level. Bipana has a physical disability so she uses her foot instead of her hand to write. The upper part of her body, from the waist up is immovable. She also has a speech problem which leaves her unable to speak like a normal child. Her parents are poor and work on a daily basis as laborers in the village. Bipana is her parent’s fourth child. According to her mother, they did not want to have a fourth child. In the village she bought an herbal medicine thought to cause an abortion but she did not follow the advice on how to use it. So due to the wrong herb or the wrong dose, her mother was not successful in trying to abort the fetus and Bipana was born with her physical handicap. Some local doctors have advised them to take Bipana to a hospital to help her with her disability but they do not have the income to provide her with this advantage. Fortunately, NSS has stepped in to help with her education by providing her with a scholarship.



Aarati Surkheti

3) Aarati Surkheti: Aarati is the eldest daughter of a small family of four. She is in class two. Her father used to work in the village but was not earning enough to provide for his family. A year ago, he traveled to a Gulf country in the hope of finding a better earning job. Unfortunately, the agreement with an agent did not get him the expected job and income he was looking for in this new country. The family status remains low. For now, Aarati’s mother does the best she can caring for the children and managing the household. NSS has provided a scholarship to Aarati because of her situation and her dedication to her studies.



Fulmaya Gairipile

4)Fulmaya Gairipile: Fulmaya was born on November 17, 2004 in a poor lower caste family. Nepal society still has a caste system. Children from lower caste families often cannot attend school due to poverty and lack of knowledge. Fulmaya is also physically handicapped and has a hard time fitting in with the other school children. She lives in a combined family unit. Most of her family members have no specific job but they all help do farming on their small piece of land. She often needs to have medical checkups and medicine due to her physical condition. The scholarship is making it easier for her to be a regular student at the school.



Karuna Bishwakarma

5) Karuna Bishwakarma: Karuna was born on March 1, 2004. She is from a lower caste family whose father is a blacksmith by profession. There are very few people who do this kind of work. It is the custom in the countryside to pay a blacksmith with vegetables and clothes instead of cash at the end of the year. This source of income is the only way they have to maintain the whole family. They have no supplemental means of support. There is no one in Karuna’s family who is able to go abroad to earn extra wages. Because of her unfortunate circumstances, Karuna has been selected for the NSS scholarship program.



Jelley’s family has sponsored these 3 kids.


Ramesh Shrestha
Sponsored By: Christopher Jelley

6) Ramesh Shrestha:Ramesh was born in 2007. His family owns a small piece of land which they farm to produce vegetables to feed the family. Unfortunately because it is a large family, they are not able to grow enough produce to feed everyone in the household for a whole year. Ramesh’s father has had to find other ways to make extra money to feed his family. Ramesh also has to assist his parents in his free time. His family has been able to keep some cattle which they sell at the local market to bring them a bit more proceeds to their income. Ramesh is an average student in class. Due to his poor family conditions, NSS has helped him with his studies by providing him with a full scholarship.



Sponsored by : Sue Jelley
Sudip Aryal

7) SudipAryal: Sudip’s birthday is July 12, 2003. He is 13 years old and also in class six. He comes from a small family who do not have a regular income source, so the father has had to go to India sometimes to make some added money. They grow some crops to help them exist and Sudip has had to stay home to take vegetables to the market in season. Sudip is an average student but because of his poverty and family situation, he has been chosen to be in the scholarship program.



Sponsored By: Laura Jelley
Sarita Kasai

8) Sarita Kasai: Sarita is also a poor girl from a farming family. Currently she is in class four. Her mother passed away a couple of years agoand her father married for a second time. He works in the fields and as a laborer most of the time. She gets little time to study at home because her step mother is usually pressing her to work. She often has to do chores in the kitchen as well. Her interest in reading led NSS to offer her a full scholarship at school. She is a regular student now and doing very well.




Sponsored By: Lindsey, USA

9) Saroj Putuwal: Saroj is an adopted child whose mother died and whose father remarried and disappeared. The person who adopted him is from Nalang and is also from a poor family background. They work as a farmer and have very little income. Saroj is a brilliant student, one of the smartest in the school. Therefore, for these reasons, he is a perfect candidate for the scholarship program.





Mountain World Treks & Expedition has sponsored these 11 kids currently. 


Sumitra Nepali

10) Sumitra Nepali: Sumitra is an eleven year old girl who was also born into a poor family. Her father does jobs for other people and brings in some money for the family. Her parents are not together and her mother married another man from a different village. Since her father has not remarried, he must do all the housework as well as his other jobs. Sumitra has to help around the house and cook as well. Because of these duties, she cannot attend school every day and is an average student. Hopefully, she will be able to come to school more often and become a better student now that NSS is providing her with a scholarship.




Sunil Gauripile

11) Sunil Gairipile: Sunil is a disciplined student and works hard at his studies in class four. NSS offered him a scholarship because of his family’s poor economic status. He is a middle child of a family of five. Like most other impoverished families in Nepali society, Sunil’s family also has a small piece of land on which they grow crops. Unfortunately it is not sufficient to feed the whole family. They survive on what seasonable vegetables they can grow and by the father sometimes going to India to find work.





Anil Nepali

12) Anil Nepali:Anil was born in 2009. He is in class two now. He comes from an impoverished, lower caste family. His father passed away a couple of years ago in a bus accident. Losing the main provider of the family, they became helpless, not having enough land or income source to be able to obtain a loan. After a year from the loss of his father, the family condition was at its worst. Finally, villagers decided to help Anil’s mother out of her recent financial problem. His mother now works for a neighbor and it has aided their economic situation. NSS is supporting Anil in his studies by putting him in the scholarship program.




13) Sita Khanal: Sita was born on August 17, 2008 and is now a hard working student due to the scholarship NSS has provided to her. Her father’s job as a laborer with a building block company did not supply enough income to the family for Sita to attend school regularly before the scholarship. To supplement his earnings, they grow crops on a small piece of land and have herd of goats they raise. Sita helps by looking after her younger brother and, when she has time, tending to the goats. Her father occasionally goes to town to make some extra money to buy clothes for the children. It is not often, maybe once a year, that they get a chance to have new clothes. This situation is similar to most of the poor families in the village.


14) Gita Kasai

15) Binita Itani

16) Sagar Adhikari

17) Sita Nepali

18) Gayatri Silwal

19) Vishal Chitaure

20) Rupesh Tamang