Donate Now

Nalang Sewa Samaj will use all donated funds to contribute to the following current projects:

1. The immediate needs of the school children, including the building of child-friendly and earthquake-resistant schools, which will provide a safe environment for children to learn.

2. Support to farmers by teaching modern agricultural techniques and supplying tools to implement the technology.

3. Helping to rebuild the homes of the earthquake victims.

4. Future projects which are established by NSS.

Online Donation

If you want to get involved in our project and are interested in donating, you can go to our website.

The amount donated at the website comes to us and will be used for the above mentioned projects.

Note: The donation made to Nalang Sewa Samaj is tax deductible.

Direct Wire Transfer

Please use the following information if you would like to donate directly via wire to Nalang Sewa Samaj:

Account Holder Name: Nalang Sewa Samaj

Account number: 000xxxxxxxxx

Bank Name: xxxxx

Bank Address: Kathmandu, Nepal.