How It Started ?

The founder of Nalang Sewa Samaj, Saligram Aryal, is from Nalang village which is in the Dhading District of Nepal. Saligram owns and operates a successful trekking company called Mountain World Treks in Kathmandu. In March of 2009, while visiting the local school, he noticed a young girl, about four years old, who was malnourished, wearing a torn, dirty dress and no shoes. He was saddened to hear her tragic story of being abandoned by her father after her mother died during another child birth. She was living with her grandparents who were quite elderly and impoverished.

He started immediately realized that he must do something for her. Although he was not wealthy, Saligram decided he would help with the educational expenses for this girl and four other children who were similarly disadvantaged. Eventually, Saligram was able to get a few sponsors to help support the education of several more children at the school. As his sponsors list grew, he was able to help more children and extend his aid to other areas of need in the village. He started a program to encourage farmers to institute more modern and efficient methods of agriculture.

After the earthquake in April of 2015, Saligram, with a growing list of sponsors, was able to bring much needed supplies and building materials to the people in the village who were devastated by the earthquake. Subsequently, with more money for building materials being donated, he was able to repair the school and build a whole new building for classrooms as well.