Banana farming

Nalang Sewa Samaj has lots of challenges to run the school well. In better way even than the past. The most important thing is to make school financially strong and independent so the school itself could pay every month salary for the hired teachers.

Banana farming is going to be start with the dream of making school more successful and an affordable school for all class people . The concept is being build up now by the Nalang Sewa Samaj though the starting will be with small volume on suport of Paula sothoron from USA, who is big supporter for every activities of this organization. We believe within few months positive result will come as the climate is best for banana; the market and its value are highly recommended. We are going to start this only after talking with all members of the school committee and guardians, while society themselves are supporting the project there is no doubt the project will be success, school and students can get more and more benefit from it.

There is a reason to choose banana as extra income source for the school. Banana needs no season at all. Tree gives banana whenever the banana tree is fully grown. Moreover the banana tree needs not much manpower and irrigation also. After the first practice Nalang Sewa Samaj will think to do it in large volume.


Recent Update:  We have sold new banana plant about amount of USD 100 for locals and banana is starting giving it products, hope  we can rise some more fund for the school.