General Health Camp-3

Nalang Sewa Samaj is organizing and working tirelessly in the communities since few years. We aim to give general health service for the poor people of remote villages through frequently health camp. This community based program will focus to the local people on their basic health, education and other aspects. We have already organized many social activities with the financial support of ‘Trek For Hope Singapore Group’ like free general health camp, free dental camp, computer distribution in school, library established in school, school rebuild program etc.


Likewise we just finished another general health camp in April 16-17, 2017 and already started to organize othre general health camp in Nalang village again. The free camp will treat much minor disease and give awareness of health, inspiring people to use balance diet, teaching people about the important of sanitation, listening to and counseling local people on their health problems, counseling about child planning and family planning, checking patients and distributing medication and many more. We will treat as much more people as we can within our 2 days camp. If someone interested for a volunteering in it and have good experiences in medicine and health, can join with us in such health camps. Through this health camp thousands of people can directly benefited. It’s a stimulating and self-satisfying work too.