General Health Camp

Nepal is a poor country basically made-up-off village, so a huge number of people in Nepal never have an proper health-care service. As well, people living in the rural areas are basically poor, and can’t afford the doctor fee. Furthermore, good hospitals and clinics are mostly centralized in city areas like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan. Therefore, underprivileged communities in remote are always have been abandoned of the medical attention and other health-care benefits. However, some organization and health posts do organized health camp in remote areas but they are poorly maintained and lack resources as well as absences of a well qualified doctors.

Nalang Sewa Samaj has been conducting health program with support of TREK FOR HOPE Singapore team at Nalang Lower Secondary School in Dhading that supported to the poor marginalized and underserved people in this village including school students and teachers. Doctors and physicians of some well known clinics and hospital from Kathmandu helped us to make our ambition succeed. Nalang Sewa Samaj had organized the camp for some of different deparment such as general Medicine, Pediatrics and Dentistry, orthopedic, ENT as well as some of minor Surgeries. Hundreds of people can directly benefit from this camp and will get the much needed medicines and health awareness tips which has been missing from their lives from a long time. It’s an inspiring and self-satisfying job too, if anybody want to join us please you are hearty welcome.