Library Establishment

The literacy rate of Nepal is one of the lowest in the world, among the female population in the rural areas are still remarkably low. Though here is no dearth of private schools in Nepal, especially in the urban areas. We believe in quality education which is the foundation for a sustainable society and its development. It also ensures a society to overcome the poverty, and achieve economic growth.

Nalang Sewa Samaj has determined to gradually build up good infrastructures for the school as mush as it can. We have been working hard together to build up the society better through education. We know well only the schools are not enough; it needs qualified and dedicated teachers, enough books and other materials as well. Nalang Sewa Samaj is working on it and by the support of Mountain world Treks,  Paula Sothoron from Us and friends a library has been established in Nalang Lower Secondary School in 2014. Around 500 books, Globe, Atlas and other materials had been supply in the library. Still more books and materials have been collecting for the library. We hope this help in educational sector, people and students turn out to be productive, responsible and democratic citizens.