New Rooms Project

By the little help of Nepal government and Nalang Sewa Samaj, Nalang Basic School is going to make 3 new rooms by this year 2018.
As the literate percentage increasing every year, now school has good number of students for its best performance. Community also has given their best to the school, that’s because of their understanding and appreciation for the education. With the local economy growth slowly, most parents want their kids to read in city school with all modern facilities and technology. In this context, community school has always a kind of challenge to assure guardian that they are perfect for their child. For the support of many of these Nalang Sewa Samaj has given a help hand to the community.
Among the 3 rooms, one will be utilized for school administration, other one is for kitchen and rest 1 is for occasional volunteer used. We are always happy to work with community. We hope we will get more support and help from our friends this time as well like past days.


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