Relief To Earthquake Victims

All the people in country and outside the country were deeply sad by the devastating earthquake and helping us to collect the fund for those unlucky people. Many of our friends and well wishers had send basic needs soon after the earthquake to the victims through Nalang Sewa Samaj. We had reached soon in the community with medical items such as first aid kits, medicines, masks, gloves, water purifying tablets, light blankets, normal tents that were available in the markets.


At the same time we took many food items including noodles, rice, beaten rice, oil, salt, biscuits, chocolates and many more, that readymade food helped people to involve quick in rescuing. Even after our quick relief help we didn’t stop our spirit to work on behalf of victims. We continued to collect more aid and helped them by zinc sheets and other needed to make comfort shelter. Still we are doing our best to help them. Whatever you can contribute, please help us by contributing with every little way you can.