School House Dress Distribution – 2016

11 August 2016, Nalang Sewa Samaj distributed 230 pieces of T- shirts for the student of Shree Nalang Lower Secondary School. The concept of T- shirt distribution in different four colors was to improve the system in school that inspire to the students for extra activities every week. Dividing in four groups of total student in the school and giving differnt name each is a model of school houses, and every friday school organize some extra activities to

improve the skills and extra knowledge for the all houses where selected students take part and compite to others.

Sponsor Team

Big Thanks for sponsor team Jo Liew, Charles Tan, Wai Kuan S0on, Joe Yipand Shermin Chan (Malaysia) for this support. Your support not only bringing smile in those kids faces it brings smile in their parents faces too. on the behalf of Nalang villagers and school kids, Nalang Sewa Samaj would like give big thanks to all of you. and we will be hoping more support from all of you in future too.