School Rebuilding


Nepal earthquake on 25 April 2015 has destroyed most of the school buildings in 14 affected districts. So after the earthquake the school building was temporarily build with the left materials from the previous school buildings. Fortunately, it was Saturday, a day off, when earthquake taken place on. Nepal would have lost many more teachers and children. People have suffered a lot, Fear has not completely left the minds of people in Nepal but people know well that they must go on with their lives.


What has happened in Nepal is what often happens in disaster situations: people’s greed and power play step in. but we haven’t give up to our spirit. Lots of good has been done. Immediately after the earthquake, victims of the earthquake got access to food, medication and building materials for temporary shelters. The spread of diseases was prevented, and thus an even greater humanitarian catastrophe was avoided. And children were quickly able to return to school. Nalang Sewa Samaj had begun to construct a new project in Nalang Lower Secondary school with 4 rooms in total including a library room.


And all happens by Paula sothoron From US, she did big support for fundrising for the school and village and all past clients from Mountain world treks and friends who even doesnt know about us and Nalang village. Now  School condition looks great and kids are enjoing studies in their classroom . On the behalf of Nalang village and school we would like to thak to all supporters once again. Namaste!!!!