Tractor handover to the farmer – 2016


Finally Nalang Sewa Samaj has handover tractor to the farmers of Nalang village on December 15, 2016. And big thanks to Paula sothoron who had donated money to buy it, with out her support NSS wouldnt able to support villagers. NSS would like to Thanks from the heart this big support for villagers.

As being an agricultural country, more than 80% people are involved in agriculture which contributing more than one third of gross domestic product to the Nation. As we all know agriculture is the main source of food and income. People shouldn’t do it in a traditional way, which may not give the good result even after very hard work. It has already been started to use new technologies in the agriculture around the world. Since last few years Nepal is also practicing in it though it is not enough.


When we thought about agriculture especially hilly and mountain region in Nepal, seems almost impossible to use technology for cultivate due to geographical difficulties. After consulting with villagers, Nalang Sewa Samaj has helped a tractor to those farmers in remote village of Dhading. Who are now using a power trailer to plough the fields, It has start just with a tractor for now but when people get used this, we definitely help more and more to save their times and expenses. Still many farmers don’t know about the new types of high-tech farm equipment that can be used in the field. We are now getting success to set an example by practicing this tractor and still we would like to introduce with many other useful technologies to the farmers that helps increase the food production in coming days.