Uniform & Stationery distribution – 2017

Lately on June 10, 2017 Nalang Sewa Samaj has distributed school uniforms and stationery items for 30 kids of Nalang Lower Secondary school. The beneficers are students who have been reading in the full scholarship programme with the help of Nalanag Sewa Samaj and its supporters.

Before the school holiday starts for monsoon vacation for 2 months, we thought to provide uniform and stationery items so stationery items can be more helpful to continue their study even at home.
Normally the schools in countryside are closed during the monsoon as kids need to come from long way and the way in hilly reason are not good at all. In this free 2 months most of students help their parents in farming and helping to look after the cattle. This time of the year is most busy time for the farmers with planting rice, maize and other crops.

The uniform and stationery items distribution program has been held in the school ground among the guardians and school family. Though this time goods only provided for 30 students, Nalang Sewa Samaj conduct such program for all students once in a year. If anyone wants to join us please you are heartly welcome.