Zinc Sheets Distribution

25th April 2015 is a black day for Nepal, when nearly 9,000 people lost their life in a devastating earthquake. The powerful hit of 7.8 magnitudes not only destroyed many houses, many more injured, numerous ancient heritage sites destroyed and thousands of children lost their guardian along with their golden dreams and future. As all we know nobody can stop the disaster but it is possible to make it less harm with our small care and effort.

Likewise , Nalang Sewa Samaj is working tirelessly to help victims in Nalang village after the devastating earthquake. We had been able to emergency supply of food, cloths and tents in Nalang village with the help of our Singaporean, Malaysian and American friends. Right after earthquake, we supplied 10 pieces of zinc sheets each family for over 380 houses along with mosquito net, beaten rice, noodles, cooking oil, salt, rice, blankets etc. Even after the disaster small help can be the great for victims.


We have been dristiduting zink sheet for 400+ families in Nalang village and it happend because of the good hearted friends who doneted. Special thanks to Paula sothoron USA, Angeline Ho Australia,  Khoviel Yong Malaysia, Tan Ji kue Malaysia and Many more other friends who supported.

Each day becoming harder to the people of Nepal and still trying to recover form the major earthquake affects in many parts of the country. We would like to thanks everybody who helped us to raise the funds and volunteer to distribute in the remote village. It is still needed to help the poor community for their better settlement. You also can contribute your bit for the uplift of local.