Coming Projects

Nalang Sewa Samaj is committed to thinking of new projects and then instituting those ideas to bring about a better way of life for the people of Nalang and other remote areas. NSS continues to take donations which go toward our Student Scholarship Fund which aids school children with much needed uniforms and school supplies. We are also still helping in the rebuilding of homes in the Nalang village area. Many people are still living in temporary dwellings since the earthquake of 2015. They need building materials and labor to reconstruct their old homes or build new ones.

An agricultural program is a project which we wish to establish. We would like to teach the rural community modern agricultural techniques and ideas for improving their way of farming. At present, we are taking donations toward the purchase of a new tractor which would help in many ways as a labor saving piece of equipment.

A water acquiring program is another possible project in the future. Due to the earthquake of 2015, the water supply has been limited to almost non-existent for many families in the Nalang area. Basic water for households, animals, and crops has been very hard to obtain. NSS is committed to finding a resolution to this problem. We are looking to bring in outside experts who can advise us on a possible solution to bring potable water back to the area. Once researched, we hope to institute some of the credible ideas to help the people of Nalang have water again.

  • New Rooms Project

    By the little help of Nepal government and Nalang Sewa Samaj, Nalang Basic School is going to make 3 new rooms by this year 2018. As the literate percentage increasing every year, now school has good...

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