Volunteer Program

NalangSewaSamaj Volunteer Program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for volunteers to live and work in Nepal. Each individual, upon being selected for volunteering, gets the chance to contribute to the sustainable development of various aspects of life in the village of Nalang. For example, volunteers are placed, according to their interests and abilities, in schools, health posts or other projects, such as agriculture, which enables them to be a part of the village experience.


Volunteers are placed in the homes of Nepalese families, where they share in the daily life of a Nalang household. Living and working closely with the community can be a life-altering and affirming experience for both the Nalang family and the volunteers. Our program offers the rewards of giving to others while receiving the personal benefits of learning about a new culture and making new friends.


The volunteer program provides the following options for qualified candidates:


Teaching in Schools:

Teacher volunteers don’t need previous experience but you will need to be creative to make learning fun for the children. Past volunteers have taught using word association games, drawing pictures of animals/people and singing (ie: “Head, shoulders, knees & toes”). You will need a good command of written and spoken English, plenty of enthusiasm and a lot of patience. Volunteers will teach for three to five hours per day. Schools are open six days week, Saturday being the day off. Teaching is more than reciting knowledge. It is about giving a part of you to the local people you work with and the students. It is about building bridges, creating links. It is about inspiring and sharing, and more than anything, it is about giving.


Volunteering in Health Posts:

In the rural areas of Nepal, the government is unable to provide a formal health care institution. With this lack of a health infrastructure, many people in outlying villages are required to travel impossible distances just to receive basic medical attention. Fortunately, a health post has been established near Nalang to meet the villagers’ needs. The health volunteer program invites individuals with medical training or experience in the health field to participate with professionals at the local health post. The main activities will include administering drugs, conducting general check-ups, diagnosing patients and spreading awareness in the community. The work is also particularly focused on hygiene, nutrition and immunizations for women and children. By living and working in the rural communities, the health program volunteers help to introduce the village people to modern medicine. NalangSewaSamaj welcomes all interested and experienced medical and health personnel, professionals and students to become involved in our program. We also encourage organizations, associations and other groups related to the health industry to volunteer their services as well.

Agricultural volunteer program

The agricultural volunteer program will give you the opportunity to live with a local farming family, learning about agricultural practices which have been used for centuries. This program will let you experience the real Nepal by living like a local for a few days. Even if you are from the city and have no experience with agricultural life, you can learn how to tend and milk animals the traditional way, plant or harvest crops, walk behind a plow pulled by oxen, and best of all live in a farm house with a Nepali family.


Many different native crafts techniques can also be observed and learned. For example, learn to weave gundri (mat from straw), weave blankets from wool, churn the curd to produce ghee, etc. In this program you will get the chance to learn about different medicinal plants and their uses. Who knows, you may go home and teach others these crafts and techniques you learn from the local Nepali people. These small experiences can transform your life. You will appreciate how other cultures still live and understand what can be done to make their lives better.

Construction volunteer

Nepal was hit by a tremendous earthquake on 25 April, 2015. In many districts of mid and western Nepal, a majority of structures were destroyed by this earthquake. There are still many schools, libraries, orphanages, community buildings, cultural heritage sites, etc. which require rebuilding or constructing new buildings. The victims of the Nepal earthquake disaster are in great need of helping hands. There are widows, elderly, women with young children and many more living under very bad conditions. We need volunteers to help reconstruct Nepal.


In the Construction volunteer program we will be building small houses for very poor and homeless people of the villages, constructing school buildings and public toilets which can benefit a large number of people. The rebuilding and new construction of schools is very important work here in Nepal. Schools play an integral part in rural Nepal of bringing literacy and knowledge to help lift the people from poverty.


Volunteers can learn basic Nepali construction at the same time benefiting the community and families.
Please contact us about the Construction volunteering program. We will choose the best place for you
to learn and achieve the most good.

NalangSewaSamaj Program Fees

For the Volunteer program fee, please contact us. We ask you to pay a very minimum fee whic covers transportation, orientation, housing, and food. This fee does not include your flights to and from Nepal, visas, personal expenses, health and trip insurance.